Distributor for Canada in Ergonomics and High Technologies Products.

About us

Jean-Paul Goulet, president and founder, has worked as a technician trained in industrial controls and has twenty-five years of experience in sales and marketing. He founded Intelec Marketing Inc. in 1988. In early 1993, the company specialized in computer related hardware, but in two very distinct areas; one being in solution and control systems and the other in ergonomic products for workstations.

IntelecTechnologies.com (a Division Intelec Marketing Inc.) is a business development and research enterprise, in ergonomic and high technology products, for the use of computer system.

With all of our cross-Canada partners, making up our distribution network, and with www.intelecdistribution.com , you are given easy access to all of our quality products developed for comfort, health and productivity, for today’s modern and computerized workforce.

Featured Products of the company are :

Produits Ergonomique Produits de Haute Technologie
  • Vertical Ezmouse
  • IntekView Vertical Mouse
  • Intekview Compact Keyboard
  • Repose-Pieds
  • Anti-RSI keyboard
  • Goldtouch keyboard
  • French Canadian Keyboard
  • Left-hand keyboard
  • Mini Keyboard
  • Keyboard Tray Kit
  • LCD Arm Monitor
  • Ergorest Ergonomic Support
  • Wrist Rest and more
  • Perle Systems
  • Icron
  • USB Extender
  • Rose Electronics
  • CrystalView Extender
  • Guntermann & Drunck
  • Neteon
  • IntekView KVM Switches
  • Rack-Mount LCD
  • Media Converter
  • Device Servers
  • Terminal Servers
  • Iolan Series