Distributor for Canada in Ergonomics and High Technologies Products.

About us

We are extremely pleased to announce the acquisition of Intelec Technologie by one of Canada’s east coast printing supply industry leaders: NuTone Densi.

Our commitment to our customers is to ensure a smooth transition, while offering increased benefits.

This includes, among other things:

– Access to a larger inventory and faster supply;
– Full range of quality products;
– Competitive pricing and complementary solutions;
– Fast shipping across North America;
– Service provided by a dedicated, helpful team.

Featured Products of the company are :

Ergonomic Products
  • Vertical Ezmouse
  • IntekView Vertical Mouse
  • Intekview Compact Keyboard
  • Repose-Pieds
  • Anti-RSI keyboard
  • Goldtouch keyboard
  • French Canadian Keyboard
  • Left-hand keyboard
  • Mini Keyboard
  • Keyboard Tray Kit
  • LCD Arm Monitor
  • Ergorest Ergonomic Support
  • Wrist Rest and more