Distributor for Canada in Ergonomics and High Technologies Products.


Intelec Technologies stands in the front of high technology on the field of ergonomics and Connectivity Products like Perle and Icron to offer you high quality products designed to give you the best performance you needs.


Our range of products ranging from ergonomics famous Barmouse ( RollerMouse ) to the USB Extender. We have a wide range of products you can return at any time on our online store.


Intelec Technologies is also recognized for his high quality KVM Switches ( KVM stands for Keyboard, Video, Mouse ) is a hardware device that allows a single keyboard, mouse and video monitor to control multiple computers. However, only one computer can be controlled at once. The KVM switch consolidates management of servers and other computing devices in a Data Center, Servers Room or at Home. Control is passed from one computer to another using the buttons on the KVM switch or key or Hot Key from the keyboard which passes the signal to the designated computer.


There is also the range for KVM or USB Extender from ICron Products. These devices enable one or multiple computers to be controlled via a wide area network (WAN), Local Area Network (LAN), CAT5 Cable of Fiber. An operator may sit at any workstation and have secure remote access of  computer, servers or USB devices.


Whether you are in Medical, Industrial, an office or even at home, Intelec Technologies with his 25 years experience in the field of High Technology solution to suit your own needs. Our representatives are here to help and advise you at any moment whether in Quebec, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver or anywhere in Canada.