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According to Webster’s Dictionary, here is the formal definition for ‘ergonomics’ : er-go-nom-ics. The applied science of equipment design in order to reduce operator fatigue and discomfort. In more common terms, ergonomics is the study of the human body and how easy or difficult it is to use tools and equipment in our daily lives. The goal of ergonomics is to make the use of equipment safe and strain free.

To answer all this, Intelec Technologies presents the following solutions in answering the basic definition of ergonomics :

  • to one user : allowing different working environment adjustments at a workstation
  • to several users, allowing different working environment adjustments in rotation, at the same workstation

By aiming at this objective it allows both, companies or organisations and governmental institutions, the benefit from a better return and from an important economy by decreasing occupational diseases.

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The ergonomic products distributed by Intelec (Ergonomic Keyboards, Ergonomic Mouse, Footrests, Document Holders, Armrests, Wrist-rest Products, Mouse Pads, Adjustable Arms, Keyboard Tray Combo Systems (of exceptional value and quality), Ergonomic Office Furniture and many others) help to resolve or to prevent health problems such as: carpal tunnel syndrome, the Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI), bursite, tendinitis and other neck, back, shoulder and wrist pain. All this to improve the comfort, productivity and quality of life of end users and to help reach the objective that we have set for ourselves: YOUR COMFORT, OUR MISSION.