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Adjustable Ambidextrous Mouse

An adjustable ergonomic mice are rare. At best, ergo mice sometimes come in different sizes like Contour and Goldtouch, which offers in more sizes than some tee shirts, is the classic example of this approach.


The Oyster Mouse

But we have big player since 2 years, a truly adjustable ergonomic mouse called the Oystermouse which can instantly change from a standard mouse, to an elevated mouse, to a Vertical mouse, and back. As a bonus, it also comes in Ambidextrous!


The fact is, people are physically different, and one size does not fit all. A true vertical mouse can suits you perfectly, but others will find that a compromise angle – or even an outright flat mouse works best for them. Rather than choosing one of these options and promoting it as the best, the Oyster accommodates all of them equally well.


To adjust the Oyster, you hold down the mouse base with one hand and lift up the body with the other. Each ratcheting click makes the angle a bit higher, until the final one puts the Oyster in a near-vertical stance. To take it down again, lift it all the way up to disengage the ratchet mechanism, then push it back down.


The Oyster is also Ambidextrous and has its own unique way of accommodating both left and right hands. It actually has two sets of buttons and two scroll wheels, so the mouse literally cannot be positioned backwards. The user needs only to activate the desired hand mode by toggling a little switch on the bottom of the unit. The alternate buttons are disabled while inactive, and the scroll wheels are physically inset so as not to interfere with holding the mouse.


For all people having RSI, wrists Problems, Tightness, discomfort, stiffness, soreness or burning in the hands, the Oystermouse can help you to improve your comfort.


Intelec Technologies is proud to announce that he is the Distributor in Canada for the Oystermouse at a very competitive pricing.


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